Stephen Alexander is the first out-and-proud, multiple sport,  high/middle school transgender coach. It is his many teams that have given him the strength to share his story. A big believer in the importance of teamwork, Stephen knows that a transition play can make a big impact–whether it is in a game or in life. So he is working to address equal opportunities for all people, since society’s true opponents are the ignorance and hatred seen too often in everyday racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia.

He has a passion for coaching and feels there’s no greater place to be than on a field or court. Having played sports all his life, Stephen realizes the impact that coaches and teammates can have on one another and their community, which is why he hopes his own story will inspire others. His teammates’ generosity (both past and present) allow him to be who he truly is, “If I can give back half of what they’ve given me, then I’ll have lived a good life. This is about improving the quality of life for all by addressing the details of oppression(s) and the strategies of how to overcome them. ”

A Rhode Island-based educator with degrees in psychology, religious studies, social work and special education, he has worked in the Bronx, New York as well as rural areas of New England. As a classroom teacher, tutor, mentor,  Stephen is currently working with leaders at the national, state, and local levels to ensure that sports become a welcoming place for all. Stephen has experience working with K-12 students and their parents.

Stephen would like to acknowledge his transgender brothers and sisters, both past a present, from all diverse backgrounds who have lost their lives to violence all across the world. Without the pioneers of the trans community Stephen would not be  able to live his life today.

Stephen enjoys exploring the world, meeting interesting people,  playing on sports teams, music, ballroom dancing, trying wacky foods (Andrew Zimmern are you reading this?), doing yard work, and watching his pets be funny. Most importantly, he loves spending time with family, friends and helping to raise the next generation of awesome people.

If you see him, say hello.